Almec Tech Pilot Cast System is dedicated to slab casting process automation. It is designed to manage the process of filling and maintaining level inside the moulds in total safety , thanks to automation technology

How is made?

The Hardware:

  • a steel structure easy and safe to maintaine, to manovre and lift;
  • high precision double lasers, installed on each mould;
  • actuator device that regulates the flow between the distribution launder and the mould;
  • roll bar for mould protection;
  • starting pneumatic dam;

The Electrical Panel:

  • control panel and software possible to be interfaced with the casting machine software. It manages commands, safety and filling patterns.

The advantages of the involvement of AT Pilot Cast are:

  • Filling the mould in start-up phase, according to the alloy recipe, ensuring repeatability of the operations;
  • Maintaining the desired level in the mould during casting;
  • End casting with automatic stop and empting launder.
  • Getting notified of faults and anomalies of the aluminium level in mould;
  • Interrupt automatically the casting in case of abort cast/black out, by closing spout/pin.

The Pilot Cast System introduce continuous cross controls and automatic emergency sequences, raising all operations to safety level.