The commitment of young professionals, the experience gained through the years and the finest technology for the aluminium industry. Get to know the history and the team!


Almec Tech is an Italian family-run company with over 70 years of success behind, now led by the third generation determined to make a difference in the future of the aluminum industry.

The company specializes in the production of technologies for DC cast-houses, representing a fundamental supplier for companies around the world. What makes the difference in Almec Tech is the ability to keep an attentive listening, imagining new original solutions. The engineering skill, the in-depth knowledge of the needs of the aluminum casting industry and the ability to visualize the future of the sector are winning axes that make it an innovative leader.

Each of its applications is designed to guarantee safety and an excellent final quality. Its customers have confirmed it over the years as a reference, reliable supplier.

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The team

“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people.”

-Julie Bevacqua

Sergio Sannicolo

Federica Canevari

CEO & International Sales

Giulia Canevari

Italian Sales & Buyer

Anna Canevari

Paolo Valdagni

Tecnical Office Manager

Francesco Canevari

Tecnical Office & Logistics

Almec Tech Team

An excellent teamwork is the key to succeed!


Almec Tech is involved in gender empowerment and believes in young individuals, supporting them along their professional path.

The company boasts:

young willing people

women empowerment

school/work projects

University stage collaboration

Local companies collaboration

Sponsor for local sport teams


Each of the project and achivement is focused on offering efficient solutions to the customer, taylored on its specific needs .

Almec Tech products and services are chosen by a large number of aluminum cast houses on an international scale and this makes it a fundamental supplier for various industries relevant to the world economy such as:

  • automotive
  • aereospace
  • technology
  • mineral extraction
  • buidling & construction
  • transportation


Customer’s satisfaction is central to the whole AT team, which is concentrating all efforts to deliver the best collaboration experience.

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