The performance and efficiency of the plants and machinery used in the aluminum casting processes are determined by their state of wear.

It is essential to keep all the instruments in optimal conditions to make them use correctly and functionally.

Poorly maintained machinery is the cause of misuse of resources and can ultimately prove to be an excessive cost.

Different kind of interventions are possible to guarantee an ordinary mantainance and best usage of the equipments.

AT technical experts are qualified for different kind of interventions and concentrate on service activities during all year long as fundamental support to loyal customers which confirm their satisfactions through the years.

Activities consists in:

General cleaning

General external cleaning of all the equipments involved in the casting process

Deep cleaning

Dissasembling the equipment for deep internal cleaning, and reassembling


AT intervenes with correction and restoration of damaged parts


When necessary AT supply all parts to substitute


After service all equipment is subject of tests and verifications of functionalities

Confined spaces

AT team is certified to works in confined spaces

High altitude

AT team is certified to carry out operations at high altitudes

Softwares mantainance

AT Automation specialized in softwares mantainance

All service activities can be arranged at AT production area or on-site.


Predicte and organize your mantainance on time, ask to reserve the moment of the year that best work for  your company.

Fill the format, get to the expert to know the feasibility and the costs of the necessary service activities.

Please indicate a period of at least one week as a preference.