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Italy is the country of world-renowned design, industrial innovation and cutting-edge engineering solutions.

The prestigious Italian products and technologies are known and exported internationally.

Almec Tech has been supplying its technology to Cast houses located in various countries around the world for almost 30 years.

European and international trade and financial agreements are advantageous opportunities to be able to choose a leading international supplier. The company’s experts deal with international orders on a daily basis and can provide information on collaboration opportunities.

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Electromagnetic Casting

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Quality and Shellzone

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Almec Tech pursues its path towards the sustainability of production processes, adhering to the achievement of the objectives of the United Nations, Agenda 2030.

Thanks to the continuous maintenance of machinery and tools used at its production site, and to the adoption of strategies for the efficiency of operations, it pays attention to the resources used, aiming at an optimization of waste and waste.

In addition to the constant devotion to environmental sustainability, the company is committed to the creation and management of a sustainable working reality, offering the company team conditions in full compliance with the rights of the worker, offering continuous training, competitive salaries and adequate rest times.

Almec Tech is a key supplier for Cast Houses, which base their production on the use of aluminum and other metal alloys, which are among the most sustainable raw materials / metals, due to their conversion and reuse properties.


Transition 4.0 is a happening revolution. Interaction between human and smart devices has  enormous potencialities in terms of optimizations of all operations. Functionality is constantly under control and eventual falls of the system are promptly communicated to technical experts, whom are given the opportunity to repair, replace and avoid major problems during the works.

Transizione 4.0 is the latest italian investment plan dedicated to the private sector, with the goal to promote investments and financial stability.

Almec Tech supply its machines and plants, completed of intelligent softwares managed and programmable systems through control panel, were all parameters of the operations are diplayed and easy to monitor.

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